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May 15, 2020 at 06:19 AM

Resetting a DMO with System Move for Test Migration Purpose


We are looking to use DMO with System Move to migrate ECC Oracle from on-premise to AWS Suite on HANA; we will do a Test Migration before doing a real one. We now know that downtime at the source is inevitable (even for a Test Migration). And a high-level we expect it to be:

  1. Run DMO with System Move in Source
  2. Proceed in the Downtime Phase
  3. Shutdown Source
  4. Finish Source Export
  5. Copy and Continue SUM at the Target
  6. Reset Source
  7. Start Source
  8. Continue DMO in Target (mock migration)

Question: What's your experience on step (6) above? How long did the reset took, say for a 2TB DB?

From DMO Guide, looks like it is just meant to drop the shadow tables so expect generally shouldn't last more than half an hour. Thoughts?