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May 13, 2020 at 12:54 AM

TaskTitle Filter not working for TaskProcessing Service in My Inbox


Hi Experts,

We are using iwpgw/TASKPROCESSING version 2 standard odata service for our Custom UI Inbox application.

We are trying to perform certain filters on TaskTile but some how the filters are not working and it returns all the records irrespective of the filter provided.

Below is the URI we are using to add filter for TaskTile.

/sap/opu/odata/iwpgw/TASKPROCESSING;mo;v=2/TaskCollection?$skip=0&$top=20&$orderby=PriorityNumber asc,CreatedOn desc&$filter=(Status eq 'RESERVED' or Status eq 'READY') and TaskTitle eq 'PTP Normal Task'&$expand=CustomAttributeData,TaskDefinitionData,Description&$select=CustomAttributeData,CreatedOn,CreatedBy,TaskTitle,Priority,Status,SAP__Origin,InstanceID&$format=json

Both eq and substringof filter operators are not working for TaskTitle.

We want to perform a substringof('<Some Text>', TaskTitle)

Any Help will be highly appreciated.