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May 14, 2020 at 06:23 PM

One of user id login slow and others are ok and faster


Hi All,

One of workstation, the user id (eg:user1), when login SAP client, during loading main menu, system will take about 30 seconds plus to completely initialize and allow user start working on SAP client.

I did test for this same workstation, tested using another two user id (eg: user2 and user3), even using id manager, all others id are faster, less then 10 seconds to load the main menu then user can start click/working on SAP screen.

Is there anything that I can check what is cause that certain user id taking too long compare to other user id?

Steps that I did try, no addons auto connect, no checkbox service ticked in general setting that system will check everytime user login SAP.

I suspected, maybe got some backend process that based on user id when user login SAP and it possible processing different thing for different user id, but I'm not sure if this kind of backend process exist, if anyone know greately appreciate it if can share.

Thanks and regards,