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May 14, 2020 at 12:49 PM

Adaption project - change App Title for Manage Customer Master Data App


Hi All,

I have extended App "Manage Customer Master Data" (F0850A) with new Subsections in the Objectpage. I did this via an adaption project. And deployed it to the launchpad using the same semantic object as the standard app and another action. The app works fine except for the Title of the App. In the standard app the title in the list report is "customer master" in my extended app it's "Open In".

I have no idea where that comes from. But if I select a customer and navigate to the Object Page the title changes to customer, which is correct. So it seems as if it only affects the list report.

So I tried to change the appname via the file, which is directly in the i18n folder. I tried to do it like this: Master . Unfortunately that doesn't change anything, when I deploy it to the abap system and log onto the launchpad in english.

I would really appreciate it if somebody has a solution for this problem or can give me a hint.