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May 11, 2020 at 07:01 AM

SAP OCI für Custom Fiori Apps


Communication with a web page via the user's SAPGUI takes place for SAP ERP via the SAP OCI (Open Catalog Interface). The parameters for the web page to be called are maintained in a so-called call hierarchy (such as user, password, the URL of the page). Part of this is a worthless parameter HOOK_URL. This parameter can then be used on the website as the return address (Action URL for POST). The SAPGUI then dynamically enters the URL of the SAP ERP with a reference to the user's SAP process.

<form name="hookForm" action="SAPEVENT:POST" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="HOOK_URL" value = "SAPEVENT:POST">

With this procedure a (complex) search help for the selection of the product group has been realized. The external web page that is used to select the product group should now also be used in the context of a Fiori app. So the web page can be called up from the Fiori app in a separate window. The website should then transfer the selected product group back to the SAP system (communication via JavaScript to the calling window fails due to cross-site scripting). How can the action URL for the external website be determined so that it sends the value selected by the user to the SAP system and the value there for the correct user process (i.e. the user who called up the external website via the Fiori app) can be assigned.


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