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SAP Powerdesigner support db2 11.5 luw

Which version of SAP Powerdesigner is supporting db2 luw version 11.5? I also want to define roles, permissions and activate row permissions on a table in the physical data model. We are currently using version 16.6 of powerdesigner.

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1 Answer

  • Posted on May 14 at 10:12 AM

    db2 luw v11.x is supported in 16.7, though I suspect it's been there a while. There's no mention of it in the 'new features' document.

    You can use the Permissions tab on a Table to grant permissions to roles, users and groups - you can also edit the permissions directly in the group, role or user. The resulting DDL would look like this:


    -- Table: TABLE_1


    create table TABLE_1


    COLUMN_1 CHAR(10),

    COLUMN_2 CHAR(10),

    COLUMN_3 CHAR(10),

    COLUMN_4 CHAR(10),

    COLUMN_5 CHAR(10)


    grant REFERENCES,SELECT on table TABLE_1 to GROUP_1;


    grant DELETE,UPDATE on table TABLE_1 to SECOND_ROLE;

    grant CONTROL,INDEX on table TABLE_1 to USER_1;

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