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May 12, 2020 at 06:58 PM

redundant vales due to joins.


Hi All,

we have used 3 different tables for Material interface joining with left outer joins and material ID is used as common field.

Now, Issue is few materials have different sales organizations and descriptions so in case if material has two sales org and description for each sales org then interface should transfer 2 records however it is transferring 4 records because descriptions are sent twice for each sales org.

example :

Material ID 767

sales org 0001 and 0002

description are AA with language key 1 and BB with language key 2.

language key

now, output is like

0001 AA

0001 BB

0002 AA

0002 BB

we need output like below using language key

0001 AA

0002 BB

can you please help here? I