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May 12, 2020 at 12:01 PM

Change the item (material) after PO generated and Missing item on invoice


Hi all SAP Expert,

Would like to ask, how do we change the Material number after the PO generated, and that can appear show on the invoice?


My steps

me22n, select and delete line-9, manually add the new material number.
va02, reject the corresponding line and add the material number, change to TAS from TAN on the ItaCa Column
MIGO and MIRO as normal
Eventually, the new add item not shown on the invoice.


Wish all experts can give me some guide sort it out.

What is the correct steps to change the material number after the PO generated?

Thank you for all expert efforts.

Best Wishes.

A. Lancelot


capture1.png (84.7 kB)