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May 08, 2020 at 10:06 PM

XvfbDaemon Startup and Shutdown


We're running Business Objects Server on Linux (version and need help with a process called XvfbDaemon. Does anyone know where this process is initiated from? Is it run from the command line on Linux (and scheduled or setup to run on start)? Is it automatically kicked off from some action in the Central Management Console? I looked through the shell scripts in the install directory and couldn't find a reference to XvfbDaemon.

We need to power-down and restart the server and I'm trying to get details on this process so we can bring it back up cleanly. When I check the process details, I see one instance of XvfbDaemon and 5 instances of Xvfb that it has spawned.

Any details on this process would be much appreciated..