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May 08, 2020 at 03:20 PM

how to get actual 'message logs' file in SAP PI


Hi Experts


I have a requirement where in I want to send message logs of one interface in PI to a log management and analytics application. Idea is to see status of all messages of that interface in a dashboard inside that analytics application. This will show message status and logs of all the messages for that interface in a better way and without creating login in PI for end user.

For this we have checked Unix OS level files like 'application logs' and 'default trace' but we are not able to get information like 'Message logs' seen in Message monitor of PI.

Is there any other file on server that can be used for getting the message logs? If not then can I write the message logs to a new file by doing some setting or log configuration.

Please note connecting to log analytics platform is not an issue as Basis can copy server/system level file to that application using some jobs. Problem is which file has message logs and which file to send to that log analytics application.