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May 10, 2020 at 07:18 AM

crystal report without database vb 6.0

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Possible to create a report only with this recordset
Call GetListViewData(ListView1)

Private Sub GetListViewData(lv As ListView)

    Dim I As Integer

    Set RSTEST = New ADODB.Recordset
    With RSTEST.Fields
        .Append "Field1", adBSTR
        .Append "Field2", adBSTR
        .Append "Field3", adBSTR
        .Append "Field4", adBSTR
        .Append "Field5", adBSTR
        .Append "Field6", adBSTR
    End With

    For I = 1 To lv.ListItems.Count
        With RSTEST
            .Fields("Field1") = lv.ListItems(I).Text
            .Fields("Field2") = lv.ListItems(I).SubItems(1)
            .Fields("Field3") = lv.ListItems(I).SubItems(2)
            .Fields("Field4") = lv.ListItems(I).SubItems(3)
            .Fields("Field5") = lv.ListItems(I).SubItems(4)
            .Fields("Field6") = lv.ListItems(I).SubItems(5)
        End With
    Next I

End Sub