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May 12, 2020 at 05:52 PM

Using Percentage Numbers in SAP Analytics Cloud


Dear all,

I am using a Flafile for a dashboard. In this dashboard I want to display market shares. Therefore the KPI is a percentage number in the flatfile (See Below)

Market Shares in Spain 2019

January/13%; February/16%; March/19%; April/17 %

Beside the Market Shares there are other KPI´s like Sales Revenues, contribution margin 1, EBIT etc. Therefore we also need YTD views.

If I want to display the for e.g. YTD April figures, I want SAP Analytics Cloud only to show the percentage value for the selective month of April (17%) instead of calculating an average or even a sum of Jan-April. Does anyone have a solution of how I can only get the percentage figure of the latest month in a YTD view?

Thank you in advance