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May 11, 2020 at 04:44 PM

Unpredictable dialog box and exporting excel to cloud


I was trying to automate Ledger Account Reports exported to excel and save it on a cloud location such as one drive or sharepoint.

However, on clicking on export as spreadsheet, it open two different types of windows. I have captured both screens, I am unable to figure out how to proceed as the dialog box which opens is unpredictable.

I am attaching images for reference.

Even if I am able to navigate ahead, excel opens automatically. How do I access an already open file? All methods work on opening a file. However, in this scenario the excel file is opened. I need to save it, upload on common cloud sharing location and then delete the file to clear local storage.

Also, as a next step I have to share the said excel on a common cloud location. I am unaware of a method that can help me save the excel on cloud.