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May 08, 2020 at 04:03 PM

Datasever shutdown abruptly when dbcc dbreboot is used.


Hi Experrts,

Issue background: While setting up Replication, instead of executing the script in the target site(TDS.D30) I executed it by mistake in secondary site. As soon as I realized, I deleted all the tables (20 in number with rs_*) from the database using "delete from" command and then when I tried executing the script the execute was unsuccessful with innumerable errors and at the end permission issues. So then we tried to reboot the database alone using dbcc dbreboot command (I am not sure whether this is 100% documented but I noticed some shops using this).

All of a sudden during the execution of dbcc dbreboot('reboot',D30), TDS got shutdown and when I checked it's error log I noticed a timeslice -501. When we restarted the TDS, database D30 was in shutdown state and again we executed dbcc dbreboot to bring it back to online. Attaching the log for your advise.

What I would like to know here are,

1.Can't we execute the script if we delete the objects that are created by Is there any pre-requisite/care we should take before executing in TDS.D30?
2.Is the command dbcc dbreboot 100% documented?
3.Why the impact is on the dataserver TDS though the command was just executed on D30 database alone?

NOTE: I am using RHEL 7 and the dataserver's version is 16.0 SSP03 PL08.time-slice-during-dbcc-dbreboot.txt

Dilip Voora