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May 08, 2020 at 01:17 AM

Classification attribute not deleting with IDoc Push


An attribute in Hybris with a prior value which when removed in ECC and an Idoc is sent to Hybris, Hybris is not updating.

There could be multiple reasons:

The IDoc doesn't have the removed attribute entry as that might be standard ECC behavior not to send blank values.

Is that because Hybris Inserts/udpates only those which are in IDoc? How do I remove those existing in Hybris but not in IDoc?
Or is it possible to just do an INSERT vs INSERT_UPDATE for these classification attributes? that way it always overwrites with IDoc values which works in my case.

Below is an entry from the impex file on Hybris

INSERT_UPDATE Product;;@MKT_RELATED_TOOL_HOLDER[system=ERP_CLASSIFICATION_001,version=ERP_IMPORT,translator=de.hybris.platform.catalog.jalo.classification.impex.ClassificationAttributeTranslator];@supercategories(code, catalogVersion(catalog(id),version))[translator=com.haascnc.ocr.core.impex.translator.product.SuperCategoryUpdateValidationTranslator];catalogVersion(Catalog(id),version)[unique=true];code[unique=true]