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May 06, 2020 at 08:58 PM

SAP CAP - User Authentication


Hi all,

I am getting started on SAP CAP development, and using SAP WebIDE trail account for the same. I am referring to following URLs.

Code Snippets:

Once DB, SRV, and UI modules are completed (following above youtube series), I have attached UAA resource to SRV and UI modules and deployed my application to CF. Now if I launch my UI module, its taking me to SAP HANA XS Advanced login page. I am not sure which user credentials I need to provide! If I go ahead and create roles, and assign it my WebIDE user and login, will it authenticate me? Or do I need XSA user (If so, where can I create one on SAP WebIDE trail account)?

Can someone please advice me on how to overcome User login issue and proceed with the development.
If possible, can someone please share related documents/urls regarding UAA on SAP WebIDE trail account.

Thank you!