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May 06, 2020 at 05:17 PM

How to Convert Blanks in Conversion files QUESTION

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Hello Experts,

I have 2 REGION property in my bw Iinfoobject:. Region1 and Region2. to get the Master data from BW info Object the region depends on the HEADQUARTER.

IF HQ is 0,blank or NA then REGION 1, else REGION2. The problem is that REGION1 and REGION2 also need a conversion when it is blank I have to fill NO_REGION.

I have tried in my tranformation file plenty combinations, one of them is:

REGION= *IF(HD=*str() then REGION1;HD=*str(0) then REGION1; HD=*str(NA) then REGION1; REGION2

Other option

REGION= *IF(HD=*str() then REGION1;HD=*str(0) then REGION1; HD=*str(NA) then REGION1;REGION1=*str() then *str(NO_REGION); REGION2=*str() then *str(NO_REGION); REGION2)

I have tried concatenations and more options in the transformation, what make me think that I need a conversion. But when trying conversion the blank row does not work. I PUT all my conversion (siince I need to convert REGION CODE to Description) and at the end I tryied



But it does not take the NO_REGION.

I have tried also


* js:%external%.replace("","NO_REGION")

But seems it is not taking the JAVA script.

any ideas what I am doing wrong.

Thanks for the comments.

Best Regards.