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May 11, 2020 at 02:51 PM

Unable to change Time granularity of Planning Model in SAC (after clearing all data)


Hi All,

We weren't able to change the granularity for time dimension from Day to Quarter , for a particular model The ability to change the granularity is grayed out despite us clearing published & private data , this model has multiple stories, Digital board & data actions built on it .

When we created a copy version (with data) we are able to change time granularity after clearing data , this option is accessible for it and successfully saves (after a data clear) . We have created a data action and a basic story on this copy toreplicate the above issue is but are still able to change it without any issues . Is this setting depending on story/Page/Dynamic Time Calculations filters or data actions ( or even if user is opening a story on view mode) ?

It would be great if anyone who has faced this issue share their experience/Workaround ?