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May 10, 2020 at 09:04 AM

Customer return with inspection type 05



I searched on SCN before posting this Question but i can't reach my requirement.

While posting return delivery i got the error "Status of inspection lot 05000000*/ partial lot 000000 does not allow good issue"

So i should saved the delivery first then go to QA32 to enter Result Recording and UD then PGR.!

NOW my requirement

1- I want Inspection lot created after PGR not after SAVE delivery like "04" inspection type after GR from production

2-Inspection lot created not contain "stock posting" TAB while doing UD if i want to scrap partial Qty!

3- After saving delivery no stock showing in MMBE under QI so i want Stock showing under QI in MMBE

My setting :

--- Assigned "05" Inspection type to QM view in material master

---Assigned "05" inspection type to delivery type

---In VOV6 schedule line category maintain Mvt 655

---Deactivate Mvt for QM inspection processing against 655 Mvt not flagged

How to reach my requirement?