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Backend BW system with S/4 HANA

Good morning

we are approaching a migration from an ecc 6.04 oracle to S/4 HANA.

the project should be start next year but in the meanwhile we are studying all the constraints could be solved in the meanwhile.

One of the problems is about the backend BW system NW 7.01 with BPC NW integrated 7.0 database oracle ....right now connected to the ECC 6.04.

From the version interoperability it seems that BW should be at least 731 or higher to communicate with S/4 HANA. I think also BPC if we upgrade BW system (for example) to 7.4 should be migrated to 10.1 I suppose.

I know also that in S/4 HANA the BW and BPC are embedded....Which is it the correct approaching about this backend system....upgrade it or migrating into the S/4 HANA if it is possible?



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