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May 08, 2020 at 08:42 AM

When I did posting Goods receipt from Stock Transfer, characteristics will be lost or wrong.


Hi everybody

In my Project, I need use variant configuration.

So when I pushed posting or checking bottom in MIGO (Goods receipt from [Stock Transfer Order](me21n)),

batch characteristics value will be lost or wrong.(movement type copy from 101)

I did user Exit EXIT_SAPMM07M_004 for some characteristics value will be entry automatically.

But when I did posting or checking bottom in MIGO (Goods receipt from Purchasing order(me21n)),

batch characteristics value is good will be keep.(Same movement type copy from 101)

[Stock Transfer Order:We use Two Step.]

First, create Stock Transfer Order(use me21n) outbound delivery(vl02n)

Second, Goods receipt(Migo reference Stock Transfer Order)

I don't why same movement type different result, if anybody know why and advise, could you share with me.


Mu Zhou