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May 06, 2020 at 07:55 PM

Concur Purchase Order Multiple Vendors - Invoice matching


Hi all,

We have an issue with an integration to Concur for Invoices. We have many different conditions with different vendors on them. (Such as a freight vendor)

How did you make that work with Concur? What I'm hearing is that there is only one vendor per purchase order. What I'm hoping is we aren't the first to have this issue.

I've thought about things like taking the PO number and concatenating -1, -2.... That doesn't see like a good idea. I'd rather do the work in Concur and just pass the data from SAP as it is.

Any suggestions welcome,


  • Lastest Concur - still installing
  • SAP HANA 1709 On-premise
  • APIs in process of being built based on Concur API list