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May 06, 2020 at 07:41 PM

FHSQL sorting a list


Hi All,

I am using FHSQL (not a universe) in BO and have hard coded a list of values for state. I want to know if i can

1. Type in the first few letters of a state and get the list of only those states that start with the letters

2. Arrange the list in alphabetical order so that it becomes easy to select from the list.

I am using the following @prompt filter -

Table.state IN @prompt ('Select one or more state from the list:', 'C',{'KV','HU','LO','QLD','GUV','IN','28','HBN','CW','PT','TN','KD','CES','59','BS','21','CHI','VV','190','AZ','300','VD','973','PB','HUI','NW','KAR','YW','JK','RIS','NE','MA','PUT','66','BL','49','UR','240','83','TY','SY','K'} , MULTI, CONSTRAINED)


Rishi Saka