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May 06, 2020 at 04:44 PM

Fiori My inbox, add custom button to the footer of a custom embebbed detail app.



We have developped a custom sapui5 app that is loaded in the detail part of the fiori my inbox, when a user selects a task of a precise type.

We have done this using SWFVISU transaction, "open in embebbed mode", "intent-based navigation", etc...

Now, we need to add custom buttoms to the footer of the detail page... those buttons are not asociated to any decision in the workflow so I think that there is not a standar way to make this possible.

I know that it is possible to add custom buttoms to the detail app showed by default (using the extHookChangeFooterButtons method in the s3.controller.js).

¿Is it possible to "extend" our custom details app to add buttons to the footer in the my inbox detail?