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May 05, 2020 at 11:20 AM

ES5 Catalog Service not available



I'm running the openSAP course 'Creating your first SAP Fiori App 2016'. In chapter/week 4 it comes to the point where they show how to set up a master detail application from a template. So far so good. The destination I configured in the Web IDE is ES5, 002. The login via web browser works fine as well. From the data connection tab I can select the ES5 system as a 'Service Catalog' source but it gives me the error 'ES5 catalog service is unabailable. Please try again.

However if I choose 'SAP API business Hub' as a source there are several APIs / Services? available. From my interpretation some of them are pointing to A2X (whatever this system is). Am I right?

How can I get rid of this error 'ES5 Catalog Service...' and continue with the course?

Kind regards,