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May 04, 2020 at 11:59 AM

Saving a file in AL11 and downloading the same with the number format as same as user,


Hello experts,

I am trying to download a file to AL11 folder And i could achieve this. As usual, i am converting all the columns in a row to a character format and then concatenating all of these into a single string. This sting is further 'TRANSFER' erred to the data set which is open and file download works fine. But After the download, whie using CG3Y, i am getting the currency format as left aligned and which is not numeric type anymore. I am not able to do a direct Sum on top of this, as it is not represented as a number or accouting format anymore. I am using the below code to

lv_floattpm = . " passing valuation currency to a floating point variable.
WRITE ls_gdwn-spotvalue_valuationcurr TO lv_tpmamount.

lv_spotvals_vc = lv_tpmamount.
CONDENSE lv_spotvals_vc.

And this value is further used in transferering to the output file dataset.

Output will be as below.

But the above one is not really in number format and converting this is a mess. The wish is to get the output format in the excelsheets as the settings in my user. As is in the pic above, it requires to many steps to adjust the format to be able to add summations etc. Could you please throw in your suggestion on this.




currformat.png (3.5 kB)