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Change crosstab layout depending on variable entry. Analysis for Office


Inside an Analysis for Office Excel workbook I have a query. I require to add or remove one dimension depending on the values chosen by the user in the pop-up screen.

So, I decided to register the Callback "AfterRedisplay" and then use the API macro


The call done, resumed, is something like that:

Dim lResult As Variant
lResult = Application.Run("SAPMoveDimension", "DS_1", "0ACCOUNT", "FILTER")

Macro is executed but is not doing any action. lResult is getting "0", so there is an error.

Then I found the following SAP note:

2350649 - API SapSetVariable is not supported within API AfterRedisplay

As resume, it says that API SAPMoveDimension cannot be used in the "AfterRedisplay" event.

Could you imagine then a way how could I achieve my initial target of adding / removing a dimension depending on selection screen value?


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