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SAP Web Dispatcher fowarding instead of proxying behind Apache reverse proxy

Feb 15, 2017 at 10:05 AM


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In this scenario traffic needs to go through server A (apache reverse proxy) and then through server B (the SAP WebDispatcher).

Server A =

Server B =

The problem is that is being redirected to (AS ABAP and WDP running on same host).

Server A has no knowledge about the hostname of the application and the port (8020), so I think it must be a misconfig in the WDP.

Note that we want the end user only to see

  • Is it required to set both the icm/host_name_full and 'HOST' of the icm/server_port_0 to
  • Or only icm/host_name_full?
  • Or something else that can be required to change?

PS. There is no primary tag for SAP WebDispatcher?

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Hi Pieter,

With respect to your tag question, no, there doesn't appear to be one for Web Dispatcher (I've looked previously for this), so I believe mostly these are currently falling under "SAP NetWeaver."

I notice that you used user tags to tag some individuals. Just so you know, that doesn't do anything; those people are not notified in any way that you did so.


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