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May 05, 2020 at 10:21 AM

CAP model - Fiori App templates & Odata V2 availability


Hi , We are considering CAP model for our project and would like to know the approach to follow for the following:

We will end up creating 8 -10 Fiori applications , the DB (HDI - shared) would be same for all of them and we plan to create services as required - perhaps 1 per app , or club one service for multiple apps.

How do we approach the application development, Our subaccount doesnt have Business application studio available & more over having the fiori app templates available would be a basic requirement for our project. I see WebIDE that has Business application project available as template and provides all the similar articats as of a CAP project from Bus. app studio , would it be a good idea to continue with WebiDE full-stack?

Assuming we stick to WEbIDE fullstack , How do we go with developing fiori elements app. When i try to point to the "Srv" folder within workspace for services while using the Fiori create from template wizard , it throws an error saying Odata V4 is not supported .

And when i try to use Odata V2 adapter , it simply doesnt work in my case. I went for the Github link here , and chose the "CDS combined backend (Node.js) - custom" - when i run index.js it , it works fine for V4 , but for the V2 path it gives internal server error. A look at the log for the service shows an error as follows: "Error: CDS compilation failed\ncat-service.cds:1:40-58: Error: Cannot find local module '../db/data-model' .

I'm sharing a Github link to my sample project here : CAP POC link

Please guide on the Odata V2 set up .