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May 04, 2020 at 05:14 PM

Problem requesting results using 'NULL' where condition in /IWFND/GW_CLIENT


I have a CDS view which is exposed via SADL framework to a GW service.

The CDS view contains a propertie called workOrderWorkCentreId with the following technical details:

Using the GW_CLIENT transaction, when I try to obtain the result set from the entity (= CDS result set) with the condition workOrderWorkCentreId eq 'NULL' no records are displayed. Which is wrong, since the CDS contains records where this field is empty.

GW_CLIENT request:

Did a trace with ST05 to evaluate the SQL request and found this:

Detailed view:

It seems like the SADL framework is building the SQL request considering the field length size in the where condition.

Since the property workOrderWorkCentreId maximum length size is 2 characters, it is truncating the NULL condition to 'nu' resulting in the wrong result set.

I did a quick test with other properties with largest length size and it worked fine.

Any ideas on how to overcome this problem?



propertie.png (8.6 kB)
request.png (24.7 kB)
st05.png (31.2 kB)
st05-2.png (22.5 kB)