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May 04, 2020 at 04:11 AM

SAP PI/PO UDF add or remove context change


Hi PI/PO Experts,

Issue: whenever the "order_seqNo" field has value more than 1 seq no (ex 1,2,3) (below example you can see source has total of 5 order lists where first and last order list has a "order_seqNo" value as 1 but the middle order list has "order_seqNo" as 1,2,3, in this scenario output 3 "Plant_Order_List" nodes should be in ie "Plant_Orders_Received_List"

I tried graphical and udf but nothing helps

i tried to remove context using UDF for all seq values , like whenever order_seqNo is 1,2,3..i tried remove context and group all values in one luck

i tried to split by context change only for value 1... in this way whenever value is 1 a context change will occur irrespective how many values of seq no occurs

please any help is useful