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May 01, 2020 at 09:52 PM

Autho provided on item level inherent from buckets or initiatives needs to sync with the project


Hi All,

We have a scenario that authorizations, which are inherited either from buckets or initiatives into the portfolio item should be synced to the project.

The function is achieved only when the project is created from the portfolio item. We implemented BADI INM_OF_SYNC for the same. In the BADI, we are able to fetch all the inherited authorizations of the portfolio item and are able to assign the authorizations to the project.

The issue is that if some one adds an item to an initiative, the authorized persom from initiative is not able to access the project. (This is a requirement). Secondly, if a user is added in the bucket, then also the user doesnot have access to project. (This is a requirement)

How can these two requirements be solved?