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May 06, 2020 at 02:07 PM

How to set an exception period for VAT indicators in a BP.


Hello dear experts,

Please your collaboration: I need that at BP level you can choose a period during which no VAT is calculated (exempt), even when the user chooses any VAT indicator with any percentage.

In the "Customer: Tax Data" tab with Role FLCU00 in the BP:customer-tax-data-in-bp.jpg

In the last part "Tax Categories" there are some data that seem to work for these purposes:

There are two dates:

  • From – Until (To calculate VAT)
  • Exemption from - Exemption Until (To make the Exemption)

But by doing many examples with many data combinations, the Exemption Period doesn't work (The system calculates VAT, when choosing an indicator) …….

Anyone please have any experience setting a period for which the VAT Calculation is not done, regardless of which indicator the user chooses in Transaction FB70?