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May 06, 2020 at 10:06 AM

can json files used to load SAP IQ 16.1


Hello community

According to the IQ 16.1 Documentation - Loading options it is not clear, if also the JSON format can be used to load data.
Hence, if SQL Anywhere which is the SQL Interface for SAP IQ is supported for JSON, then also the "Backend" (IQ) is supporting the JSON format, right?

Furthermore to use the functionality, is the setup of the build-in HTTP and OData server necessary to support this scenario?

Is the usage of Parquet files an alternative or complementary option?

this scenario should also be used with SAP Data Intelligence 3.0 where the SAP IQ is connected to. Can the Metadata Explorer also be used to analyze the unstructured data which is imported on the mentioned way above?

Best Regards Roland


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