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May 05, 2020 at 09:21 AM

Screen enhancement does not work after system relocation


Hi experts,

I have to extend the PRPS table for a customer and create the screen enhancement. Previously a system change was made and it is now being developed in a new namespace. The enhancement I am supposed to make was copied from the legacy system (still using the old namespace), but does not work. I could not understand why. Also the rebuilding to a minimal functionality ( enhancement + screen, without any further logic) did not work. Since I am supposed to migrate to the new namespace and I can't get the old implementation to work, I deleted the enhancements and wanted to start over in my own package (+ new project in cmod, ...). But if I create the enhancements (ci_prps, screen 700) now, they will be created in the old package that was used before. Furthermore, I am not allowed to edit the screens that are created in the old package.

About any hints what I overlook or how I can proceed I would be grateful.