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May 04, 2020 at 08:21 AM

Inbound AIF issue: iDoc to BAPI with multiple iDoc segments


Hi *,

I am new to SAP AIF and was trying to set up an AIF scenario with inbound idoc (ORDERS05) which I want to transfer to a BAPI call (BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2). I have followed the cookbook 2.0 in order to create this scenario and also found the help documentation.

Unfortunately I am not able to solve one issue: I get multiple idoc segments of the same type (in my case header segment E1EDK14) which contain different information. I get the E1EDK14 3 times:

  1. company code information - identified by a qualifier (008) and the information itself (ORGID)
  2. division - another qualifier (006) and ORGID
  3. order type - another qualifier (012) and ORGID - For the order type I need to do a value mapping.

The content from all 3 E1EDK14 segments need to be mapped to the same header structure of the BAPI (order_header_in).

Now how is it possible to map multiple idoc segments to one target structure line? I already tried different ways of structure mappings with/without conditions and subtables with selection fields but the structures are not mapped correctly.

I did not find any documentation on this. Perhaps someone can help?