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Apr 30, 2020 at 07:20 PM

How to set quota in trial account?


I tried to deploy a small Python/Flask app to trial of SAP Cloud Platform, but when I ran cf push pythonfirst, I got the dreaded "You have exceeded the total routes".

In the cockpit it shows no routes being used, and I have run cf -delete-orphaned-routes and I ran cf routes --orglevel to see no routes being used. I imagine the issue is assigning quota to the subaccount and space, but I cannot figure out how to set up the quota. I try to create a quota plan but the org limits for all the quota types (e.g., routes) is 0, so I cannot create a quota plan that contains ... well ... quota.

I have 1 subaccount, and one space within that subacount. I disabled the CF and re-enabled it.

Really lost. Can you help?