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Apr 29, 2020 at 09:41 PM

IRPA Desktop Agent Error


Hi Everyone,

I am facing an error after having installed SAP IRPA Desktop Agent and Desktop Studio.

When I try to connect to IRPA Cloud Factory, it shows the following error: "Registration Failed. The factory could not register the user."

Before asking for your help, I will describe the technical aspects and steps I have taken so far.

I am using the IRPA Cloud Factory trial, where I have configured the authorizations and the following environment and hierarchy:

For Desktop Agent and Desktop Studio, I am using version and after registering the tenant, this is the error message:

I have done the initial demo and, when I try to execute it, this is the result:

Basically, it tried to connect to the cloud factory and the status was changed.

I have tried installing version and the result was the same.

I also have tried to change the hierarchy on Login from "VM" to "VM-PC\VM" and the result was the same.

I want to know if someone of you has gone into the same error and, if so, how it was solved.

I went to the guides and did step by step all over again but without success...

Any help would be really appreciated!