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Apr 29, 2020 at 10:43 AM

SAC: HowTo add more key figures in one datamodel (with different currencies)?

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Dear Community,

I'm really wondering that I could not find this topic - or the answer to my question - in any Help or Wiki site, since so many information exists about SAC nowadays. (pls share any link, which describes it)

My question sounds quite simple: "How can I combine 3 key figures into one SAC model"?

When I use the transactional data service: API_JOURNALENTRYITEMBASIC_SRV to get FI documents out of a S/4 system, I can see 3 different key figures including 3 currency fields offered.

There is only one account dimension to reflect the posted account, but the stored values can exist 3x, in Company Code currency, transactional currency and Statistic currency (?).

I know that all SAC models are based on - what you would call in BW terms - an account model, and not on a key figure model... but this is what I'm missing... to add not only "dimensions" (for the currency fields this is fine), but also 2 more key figures in the same model.

My plan was to activate the SAC content model for this API, check chapter 5.13.1, and check how the standard is implemented:

... but somehow I'm not able to find the content "SAP Finance: Sales - Revenue Planning" or the model "SAP__FI_SALES_IM_REV_PLAN" in other SAP Finance, Sales or Planning related content ... can you help me?

Or is the only solution to create three models, containing always only one key figure?

But this means, I also store each and every document record 3 times in my SAC... this cannot be the right solution?

Thanks for any hint or information.


Update, 2020/04/30:

I went back to start and tried to build the desired model out of a file from scratch, like described here:

I have a column for my accounts, 3 columns for the key figures and 3 more for the currencies...

What SAC does on import, when I assign the 3 key figures to "measures":

1) It puts my accounts into a generic dimension

2) It puts my 3 key figures into the official account dimension.

--> Unfortunately this is not like expected :-( ... I would like to have all additional characteristics of the standard account dimension in MY account dimension, and a generic dimension bearing my 3 key figures.

It's really strange and I still don't see how to use the standard API (above) with 3 key figures...