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Apr 29, 2020 at 08:51 AM

How to extend Stock - Multiple Materials (App ID F1595)


Hi All,

I want to extend the Stock - Multiple Materials App. To be specific:

  • I want to add a column to the analytical table

I already extended CDS View F0_Mmim_Matstockquanvalbydate and appended structure MMIM_MATERIAL_MULTI_STOCK with my custom fields. Then I tried to use adaption project to add the column to the analytical table - which unfortunately didn't work. There are no changes reflected.

I recoginzed that the annotations for the analytical table are built in the define method of the mpc class in the oData Service MMIM_MULTIPLE_MATERIALS_SRV. So can I only extend the analytical column by redefining the define Method?

  • I want to add a column to the search help of the material number

I found out that the entity type for this search help is VL_SH_MAT0M. And I also see this entity when I test the oData Service in the /iwfnd/maint_service. But it's not an Entity in the oData Definition. How can I extend the search help?

Thanks in advance,