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May 04, 2020 at 06:13 AM

Pallet scales integration


Dear experts,

the current situation is as follows: a pallet is received in the warehouse tagged with a barcode that contains the type of material that is on the pallet and its weight. After having completed a production order, that pallet is often not completely consumed. I imagine the scale reading the barcode of that pallet, weigh it and transmit the new information to SAP.

I want SAP to update the inventory level of that specific pallet by associating the newly registered weight to that kind of pallet.

I have 3 questions regarding the integration of pallet scales to SAP.

1. Is SAP able to filter the information transmitted by the scale (the new weight and the information on the original barcode), and thus keeping the type of material and simply overwriting the new weight?

2. Which communication protocols does SAP accept and therefore which features does the scale have to have?

3. In order to create this system am I obliged to have SAP ODA? Which other SAP versions could work in this regard?