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Apr 30, 2020 at 01:16 PM

Goods issue queue stuck in ERP,


Hi Team,

These queues got stuck in ERP side with error message "Goods issue has already been posted for delivery" on 13/04/2020. Even though the EWM delivery goods issue completed on 08/04/2020 and on the same day the ERP delivery also got completed. But i am not to trace out where/how this queue got generated from EWM system. I don't see any goods reversal in the EWM system.

1. Checked the issue in /SCWM/R_MESSAGELOG_RESET report for goods issue and reversal after the 08/04/2020 and no log exists.

2. The line items in the ERP and EWM is close to 50. The TU associated with EWM deliveries are 3 TUs.

3. None of the TUs are goods issue reversal

4. Also there is product denial scenario exits for this delivery or item for which goods issue