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Apr 30, 2020 at 12:58 PM

Production Version - Override automatic Lot-size selected Version


Hi experts,

I searched but couldn't find a specific conversation/solution about my topic.

Example for my question:

2 production versions with defined lot-sizes are existing for a material.

one for lot-size 1 to 10 -> production version 1 for machine 1

one for lot-size 11 to 20 -> pv 2 for machine 2

Lot-size based automatic selection of different Production Version is working. So e.g. machine 2 is automatically chosen in planned order for lot-size 15. Conversion to process order in cor1 working too.

Now the question:

If the planner now decides he wan't to have the process order created/updated using production version 1 although the lot-size is for machine 2 production version - how can he nevertheless change/select the production version 1?

In Cor1/2 under MasterData usually the different production versions are shown and selectable ... but using the lot-size restrictions defined in C223 only the current prod version 2 is shown.

Would be great if there is a simple and easy solution to 'override' the automatic lot-size dependend production version.

Thank you!