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Apr 30, 2020 at 08:07 AM

Can i develop on premise app using Sap Cp kit for ios sdk?


Hi Team,

Am newbie to this SDK and primarily to sap architecture, and basically am an native iOS developer. Being from a product based company and having clear requirement of developing IOS app for both Cloud and On-Premise servers, i just want to know about the authentication mechanism,development and deployment procedure for on-premise servers.

As of now I finished developing an iOS application using this cloud sdk.Now the requirement is the same theme app should work for On-Prem servers too. Is it possible at SAP side that changing backend from cloud to onpremise?Or what needs to be done at IOS side?

If yes,then for On-Premise servers how can i go for authentication,development and deployment.And please guide me with necessary things to keep in mind while developing for both deployment mechanisms.