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Apr 28, 2020 at 05:32 AM

Multiple ILN's assignment in EWM HU configuration-S4 1909


Dear All,

We have the below requirement for our client, kindly help to achieve this.

We are implementing S4 1909, EWM to client. Currently in legacy they are using ECC WM.

Client is using SSCC 18, ILN code 9 digits. So 1st digit Packaging material +9digitis ILN + 7 Digit No. Range +Last one Check digit.

They want the Configuration to be as below:

Plant SLoc Seq. ILN No range Object Internal No. Range External No Range

0001 0001 1 100000010 /SCWM/SSCC 01

0001 0002 2 100000020 /SCWM/SSCC 01

0001 0003 3 100000030 /SCWM/SSCC 01

The above is an example of configuration they want. based on storage location the ILN code changes.

That means when I create the inbound delivery, based on the storage location I choose, the number range(Packing will be done only in S4 and will be transferred to EWM) will change. This is fine.

Now the issue is on EWM side. In EWM we can maintain SSCC configuration based on warehouse only. That means for one warehouse we can maintain only one ILN code for one sequence like below

Warehouse Seq. ILN No range Object Internal No. Range External No Range

9090 1 100000010 /SCWM/SSCC 01

For example: If I create IBD(in S4-The HU will be created in S4 only) with storage location 0001 its fine since S4 and EWM number ranges are matching.

If I create IBD with 0002 location, the delivery is getting stuck in SMQ2, due to the number range issue.

Hope the issue details mentioned are clear.

This is very critical for me now, I may be doing something wrong, this type of configuration I have never done before.

But this is required by the business.

Kindly help me acheive this requirement.

Awaiting for your valuable inputs.