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Apr 24, 2020 at 04:07 PM

Intercompany stock transfer lead time


When you source materials from one of your own plants (companies), the lead time (in the field Planned Delivery Time (in the delivering plant) should be the time it takes from the issue in the delivering plant until it arrives at the receiving plant. However, what if the assumption is that the delivering plant (company) cannot deliver out of stock but has to procure the material itself externally at a vendor?

If the delivering plant does not keep the product in stock but has to procure it also, then the total lead time until it arrives in the receiving plant will increase dramatically. But if you put that total time into the PDT, you will ask the delivering plant to issue way too early. Unfortunately the TLRT in MRP3 does not work with procurement indicator ‘F’, so what can we do to fix this?

Is there a solution to fix this by using source list and inforecords in a specif way?

Thank you in advance for your support on this!