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Apr 30, 2020 at 11:18 AM

Archivelink: Database error SICF ?

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I would want to use archivelink saving the data in SAP system database.

I've created in OAC0 this content repository:

Table ZSM_FILES_CONT is a copy of SDOKCONT1.

I've created a custom object in swo1 and did the configuration in spro...

I have this in OAC3:

I have a sample program to add content from a file using FM ARCHIVOBJECT_CREATE_FILE and ARCHIV_CONNECTION_INSERT.

I think is working fine It's not returning any exceptions, I have the doc id and table ZSM_FILES_CONT is growing.

But now I want to read the file using FM ARCHIV_GET_CONNECTIONS and ARCHIVOBJECT_GET_BYTES, and with this last FM ARCHIVOBJECT_GET_BYTES I'm getting a error.

This error:

If I go to SICF and put an user, then I get this error CMS025:

HTTP error: 401 unauthorized

Is it necessary to define a user in SCIF for this ??? I only want to save the files in the database....

I think the code of the program is ok, If I use another existing content repository (but using HTTP content server) is working fine. I only need to change OAC3 to use this content and works fine.

This is the other content:

Do you know what I need to do to use the SAP System Database ??

Thanks in advance.



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