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Apr 30, 2020 at 10:25 AM

Automation to find IDOC error on daily basis


Hi Team,

Recently i got a new job and it is my first job so i am not having much experience in SAP ABAP.

I have a daily work to find IDOC from BD87 with Status of 51 and having xyz partner system and having a creation date of yesterday and today.

If there are idoc error then i have to provide IDOC numbers and their messages.

Along withn also from data records of each idoc i have to give BELNR, PARTN, ORGID related to that idoc.

And if there are no idoc for selected conditions then simply display a message no idoc.

So here is my question... Can i automate this whole process and if yes then guide me guys.

I know i have to schedule a job but tell me about logic.