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Apr 29, 2020 at 12:38 PM

Stop props typesystem creation


Hi All,

Currently we are doing NFR testing on latest version of 1905 with Telco Accelarator. While doing so we found that for per order around 2.4K db query is getting triggered.

So we are targeting to look into this and following are the few observation that we did.
1) SearchRestriction query execution (243 query/Order)
2) Audit for specific item types (for enabled extensions in platform/
3) Delete on props table (200 query/Order)
4) ItemsyncTimeStamp query execution (200 query/Order)

Now, for point number 3, we did research with the few SAP links.
But the concerned it what configuration make this prop types enabled?
How can we stop insertion of temporary records in props table?
Is dontOptimise flag helps to restrict this table?

Scenario where Delete from Props table occured.
While adding into cart, by calculating the cart in strategy after recalculation, price table is created with DELIVERY COST, PRODUCT_PRICE.
Going further in
protected void resetAllValues(final AbstractOrderEntryModel entry) throws CalculationException
Old price is removed which executes the DELETE from Props twice using same pk.