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Apr 29, 2020 at 10:17 AM

Inspection lot User status for Inspection 03 and Inspection 04 validation before Goods receipt.


Hi Gurus,

Client is requesting to make audit lot also with Result recording , defect recording , UD.Already there is inprocess inspection of 03.

Two quality team perform the actions for 03[Person A] and 04[Person B] inspection types, under 04 "post to insp.stock had been disabled as a reason that user randomly checks the lot and not all the lots.

My query is Audit person randomly picks the lot inspection.03 is mandatory, can i control in such a way that if 04 quality lot is there system to stop Goods receipt process done after 03 inspection process is done by person B.

MIGO is done once all activities under 03 inspection type is compeleted.

Please guide on this.

Post script : 89 had not been used as Audit lot since user requested to have Production order , Serial number all need to be validated for the lot.They are also not into Dynamic Modification rule for Audit lot which we suggested.

Vignesh V